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 The Dreadful Days That May Lie Ahead

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PostSubject: The Dreadful Days That May Lie Ahead   Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:04 am


Massive Job Losses

Unemployment Continues To Rise

Volatile Downward Stock Market

Corporate Bailouts

Run Away National Deficients

Bridge Loans

50 Billion Dollar Investment Ponzi Schemes

Billions Of Dollars That Is Continued Wasted In Iraq

World Financial Crisis

Damn, the world is becoming a ghetto.

I for one, cannot blame Obama if the economy does not turn around after he takes office. He can only do so much and that's all right by me.

It appears completely impossible for Obama to undo all the financial crisis that the Bush Regime has inflicted on this nation. No one man can do everything. He can surely try. Nothing beats a failure but a try.

Obama has surely walked into a financial minefield. Explosions everywhere. He better find a safe haven somewhere on land.

I believe the Capitalism and Socialism system are becoming like slow remnants of a dying sun. These systems will collapse and crushed under their own weight. Its only a matter of time I think. While a flicker of financial light may arise, like the internet boom, it will eventually bust as well.

While Zeitgeist Movement and Technocracy Movement are excellent examples of food for thought and healthy debate, they simply do not address real human nature of divide and conquer. Still they are interesting social concepts. One thing is for sure, our current system seem to be slowly failing. I think it will get worse someday.

Where I see the future if the current systems fail ?

I foresee a new and completely thinly veiled form of Totalitarianism and/or Theodemocracy in this country. Everything evolves. Nothing lasts forever.
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The Dreadful Days That May Lie Ahead
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