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 In the Mosher Pit

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PostSubject: In the Mosher Pit   Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:30 pm

Last month I went to a small death/industrial metal concert series at a local bar around the corner from where I live. It a very small venue (less than 118 ppl at any one time). The band plays in a small area in the back. So most ppl including myself can view the band right up to arm length even. Anyway, it was only a matter of time a certain band hit the right note and the mosher pit began.

However, the mosher pit that night was very innocent. It was just 5 or 6 men falling into one another. They probably knew each other. It was also kind of funny because a black metal woman (dressed in all black) kept pushing her boyfriend into the other men to start it half the time. No one got hurt and everyone was very respectful of each other in enjoying the music that was played that night.

In my punk rock days, we had slam dancing. Now that was rough with men going into a circle and really going at it. I never slam dance simply b/c I was tall and wear glasses. At the mosher pit I stay one person deep and never touch anyone but stay close to the action. I also know when to back away when it might get out of hand.

I see nothing wrong with mosher pit if its done by adults only (with lots of medical insurance) and with small groups of ppl (less than 10 ppl). And also with active management and security procedures in place. The larger venues with lots of ppl, I don't think so. It can be real dangerous if it gets completely out of control. It really depends on the overall management of the concert and venue if mosher pit will take place. At any rate, I'm not going in the mosher pit if I can help it. I'm too old. My old bones are not what they were used to. And it won't take it.

What are you thoughts and perspectives on mosher pit? Should it be banned or not? If you are a member of a band, what steps do you take to prevent yourself and your band mates from possible harm? When injuries do occur, who's responsible the participant? other participants in the mosher pit? the band? the promoter? management? and/or security?

Here some background link based on the subject matter of this issue.

Mosher Friendly Guidelines
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In the Mosher Pit
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