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 Now Let's All Get Rich Quick

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PostSubject: Now Let's All Get Rich Quick   Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:06 am

Late last night my sister called me. She invited me to this get rich quick seminar of selling personal security systems and telephone service over internet cable. In short, I told my sister I am not going and all of those Get-Rich-Quick seminars are a complete waste of time and they are only after your money. At the end of seminar always offer a series of books or tapes. And more books and tapes after you have read the first set. And maybe an expensive retreat after that. And so on and so on. Until your are broke while they get rich from all of that stupid stuff that they sold you which does not really work in the real world anyway. I have been to a few in my younger days but never brought a thing.

And let us not forget those Nigerian Scams made for your entertainment. If you trust them you will be broke for sure. Btw, that scam is becoming not funny anymore.

Your thoughts on Get-Rich-Quick Programs. Pro or Con ?

The link below makes sense:

I believe these scam examples are true and then some:
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Now Let's All Get Rich Quick
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