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 Cafe Disasters

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PostSubject: Cafe Disasters   Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:01 am

I'm being evil again. Ha, Ha, See if you can recall your Cafe, Fast Food, Eatery, Cafeteria, or Restaurant horror stories as well as food from hell from them. HeHeHe!

For example, Did a waiter ever trip and spilled the food you just ordered all over your brand new clothes? How many flies did you find in your soup that you brought? Did the waiter mixed up your orders with another person and you waited forever for your order? Was the food that you ordered was over-cooked and/or burnt to a crisp? Did the food taste so bad that it you thought that if had to be cooked with real fire and brimstone (from Hell of course).

So step right up to the plate and share your unique restaurant horrors stories if you will. You can also share your favorite restaurants that were so good, wonderful and wholesome that the devil will not dare to go in.

Here is mine...........

I few years ago, I bought a hamburger at McDonalds. Took a bite and found paper receipt inside the burger. The blue ink melted inside the burger. I took it back and got another one. The cashier yell out and told everyone not to use the used receipts for something (I forgot). But, anyway I stopped eating at the restaurant and hamburgers for good.
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Cafe Disasters
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