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 Your views on Education

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PostSubject: Your views on Education   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:58 pm

What are you views, if you have any, on Education? Is education worthless? Is getting higher education useless? What needs to change in your education system in your country (ex. test taking or mastering a subject)? What is you education level atm?

Enlighten and indulge me! I go first.

The dumb american education is as follows:

Elementary School (Grades 1 to 6)
Middle School (aka Junior High) (Grades 7 to Cool
Senior High (Grades 9 to 12)
College (4 years (aka Grades 13 to 16))
{*Junior College (2 years)}
University (4 years to 5 depending on major)
Master degree (an additional 1 to 2 years)
Graduate School (an additional 4 years)

Most of the time in school I was a poor to fair student. I just hated taking tests and had a hard time passing them. I have just have a two year (Associate Arts) degree. I reason I got some type of college degree is because where I live you can not get anywhere without one. Jobs are tight and a college degree helps you get in the door somehow. The job that I have right now does not require a degree at all. But it was noted by the interviewer and the boss who hired me. Same situation when I worked for a security agency (I rose in the leadership ranks because I had one).

The education in my country seems to be only about takes tests that are focus on remembering facts and figures. So when I was high school and college, I only thought about one thing and that was trying to past the test. That's all. My train of thought back them was gain knowledge just to pass the test and gain personal knowledge on my own at my own time (some other time).

The american public school system has always been underfunded. The vast majority of the school budget is just to pay fat paychecks to the high and mighty. The very rich students in america goes to the elite private schools systems and therefore get a decent education and therefore the best jobs and leadership postions (elected officals).

Btw, the public education system in my city is running out of money and hoping to get other money somewhere else to stay a floa
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Your views on Education
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