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 Money, Money

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PostSubject: Money, Money   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:55 pm

I will admit, when it comes to money I do tend to spend a lot on small inexpensive items. I can't save any kind of money to save my life. I like money and tend to spend it as soon as I get it. I also in debt to my eyeballs again in credit cards.

A few years ago I was working as a security guard with overtime. For which I began collecting credit cards like its going out of style. I then lost my overtime and my time began decreasing to only a few hours a week. I then became underemployed and had to file for bankruptcy. I got new start --got a real job and I am only two or three years away in having a clean credit report (but my credit cards are almost to the max.

But I have always done is pay my bills first (I never mess with my rent, gas and electric money, no can do) and tend to buy a lot of items such as magazines, dvds, cds, pay-per-views shows, etc) when I get thru paying all of my bills (which does'nt leave much).

My question to you --- do you believe that you are a saver, spender or somewhere in between?
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Money, Money
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