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 Is MySpace killing the online forums ?

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PostSubject: Is MySpace killing the online forums ?   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:53 pm

I don't so. But it all depends on ad revenue. MySpace seems to grabbing a lot of it. I have to admit comments on the forums that I belong to has gone down. Way down.

MySpace can be somewhat addictive. I find myself sharing more of inner soul with online friends on MySpace and Live Journal than do on any forum these days.

With MySpace, everybody has a forum. A place where you can control. You can delete comments, make entries private or unprivate them. MySpace is like your own webpage as well to express yourself. Plus the fact that MySpace has music every which way but lose.

Neverless, I still think there is a place for forums. The Dark Playground at the very top of my forum list. I just recently joined a local underground "Goth" club forum to exchange ideas. There is still a place for informed discussion.

I don't know. Maybe MySpace is evil.
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PostSubject: Re: Is MySpace killing the online forums ?   Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:02 pm

I would say yes definitely, also facebook too neither which I'm on. People at work are on them though and tell me I should join too, but I don't want to sit reading all their stuff after spending all day working with the same people.

I believe alot of people who were original DP members are on myspace too, which also seems to be killing LiveJournal.
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Is MySpace killing the online forums ?
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