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 Personal Jesus

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PostSubject: Personal Jesus   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:33 pm

Yes, reach out. Touch faith. HaHaHa

What the hell is your faith ? No pun intended HeHeHe

For me, I have pretty much lost faith with the Christian religion have not gone to church in years. I have never taken my membership out of the church. My organized religion used to be Lutheran.

There was many upheaval in my local church (people picking the church, backstabbing, lies being spread, gossip etc) and the larger church (Lutheran) as well (which has drifted away from its founder IMHO with the continued changes being made). So I don't go to religious services nor do I plan to in the future.

Theistic Satanism appeals to me more and more however.
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PostSubject: Re: Personal Jesus   Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:57 pm

I don't have a religion but I read both holy book and occult books to expand my mind on the concepts of good and evil I believe you can't understand one fully without studying the other so you can get a complete view.

As far as personal beliefs I think there is life after death because I've had so many expirences and the only way to explain some of those expirences is reincarnation into multible forms, Why? I don't know.
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Personal Jesus
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