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 Real Life Vampires: Sanguinarius

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PostSubject: Real Life Vampires: Sanguinarius   Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:29 pm

Gloom and gloom is here to stay. HaHaHa. Since some of us were talking about drinking blood on another thread, I thought I might open this topic. Also, there was an example of real life blood drinking on the Mad Mad House reality tv show. The show features real life vampire "Don the Vampire" drinking blood. He and his group of vampires used their psi powers to drain the lifeforce of someone.

My question is this. What are your views, if any, of ppl who live the vampire lifestyle and drink human blood? Do you think they are sick or crazy? Do you think they are stupid? Do you desire to become a real life vampire? Your views pro or con. I'll give mine later.

Btw, I not advocating this lifestyle for anyone. There are serious risks in blood drinking and is practiced by adults only. It must never be practiced by teenagers or children at all. Nor am I asking if you practiced it currently or in the past. Just your individual views and thoughts on the subject matter is all that I am asking. Also your thoughts on "Don the Vampire" if you have any as well. "Don the Vampire has done a very good interview on the Mad Mad House website. View it if you can. Some information on the subject matter is located at
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Real Life Vampires: Sanguinarius
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