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 Goth Clubs & "The D.J. Won't Play My Kind Of Music Vibe"

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PostSubject: Goth Clubs & "The D.J. Won't Play My Kind Of Music Vibe"   Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:07 am

I heard before a number of DJ who will not play this or that such as be it Powernoize, Terror EBM or Industrial. You limit yourself when you do that. But that is what they want to do. And nobody should hate anybody for the music that he or she listens to. Its dumb to do that.

I like do like and myself listen to bands such as Alien Vampires, Terrorfakt, Nachtmar, X-RX, Espermachine, and Asphyxia. I always look forward to their new music I feature them all every year and every new release on my online radio station--- The Underworld of Darkness. I really don't understand why Terror EBM bands like Alien Vampires get such a bad rap. Terror EBM bands are not meant to be magickal or spiritual. Rather their lyrics speak to the anger, agony and hopelessness for this generation. I have always featured and currently streamed Harsh EBM bands from all over the world. That's where I find a lot of musical growth in online Goth radio from that genre.

True enough while band like Blue Oyster Cult is sometimes played at my local Goth Club, its sure by far isn't dance music and it sure is not Goth music. Its not even underground music. Its in and from the main stream. Should it be played at Goth club? Of course not. However, In my experience, there is not an underground club that does not play one song out of its element once in a while.

But the thing is, all clubs are business. It a business. When I used to DJ, whether its 80's, Goth or Industrial, I never played what I wanted to play. I could do that at home. I played what the club owners, management, resident/promoter and most of all patrons wanted to hear. I will always follow the musical script for that night as a guest DJ. Do play this. Don't play that. Its a business. Especially when the average club patron would probably have spent 25 dollars or more before they get into the front door. A couple would have probably spent over 100 dollars before they got to the club. Club going is not cheap. Gas, babysitting, parking, club entrance, food and beer and wine all adds up quite big.

If I was DJing and a couple holding a 15 dollar drink in each hand wanted to hear Blue Oyster Cult. I will play if I had it and management would allow it. Management does have the right to do what is in best interest for the business that they are responsible for.. And that includes what is and what is not to be played for the benefit of the majority patrons that go to the said club. No powernoise. No Terror EBM. Its management right. The lights must be kept on. The bills and people have to be paid. Its no way getting around it.

My advice if you want to dance to Hellektro, Mexican Electro, Terror EBM and Powernoize, gather some like minded friends and put on a house party or picnic in a public park on your own. Better yet, your can pool your income together and rent a space (with security) for night of all dark music.

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Goth Clubs & "The D.J. Won't Play My Kind Of Music Vibe"
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