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 Goth Clubs & "I Can't Find Nothing To Dance To Vibe"

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PostSubject: Goth Clubs & "I Can't Find Nothing To Dance To Vibe"   Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:52 am

This is mess of "I Can't Find Nothing To Dance To" is getting so old.


Here is what I believe. I believe there are Goth clubs here and all around the world who prides themselves as a Goth Club only and not as a mainstream club. General and popular music styles such as House Music, Drum and Bass, Trance, Breakcore are in no way to be considered a part of the Goth subculture. They are not. They never have. Or want to be. They also have a unique underground culture of their own.

Those type of music styles simply don't fit and never have fit the profile of anything that is Goth. There are other clubs that do play that type of dance music and one can go there if they want to.

There had never ever been one type of "Goth Music". Rather its a collection of very different (but dark) music styles and subgenres of underground music. Some are highly danceable (Mexican Electro, Industrial, Terror EBM) and some are not (Ethereal and Witch House*). Also being aware and understanding of the time frame as to when the Gothic music was made and created (80's, 90's, 00's, etc)

A DJ or any DJ for that matter, is not a mind reader. Nor does he have a crystal ball in his backpack as to know what type of music that everybody likes and/or wants when they walk into the club. You need to suggest the music you like to him or her beforehand. Online is perhaps by far the best way to do so.

True that! There are some club patrons that would like to dance the night away all night long on the dance floor. However, there are some patrons at Goth club who like to be social and would like hear the slower, darker side of all that is Goth for a song or two. Songs such as "Charlotte Sometimes" by The Cure and "Cherry-colored Funk" by The Cocteau Twins.

Sharing is a part of the Goth subculture. Let's share this poison. Those who like to dance on the dance floor and those who like to be social who would also like to listen to deep Gothic music once in a while at a Goth Club.


This "I Can't Find Nothing To Dance To" vibe is getting so old.

(*Many Goth Online Radio stations do feature Witch House music (mine included))

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Goth Clubs & "I Can't Find Nothing To Dance To Vibe"
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