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 Psychics....sceptical or believer?

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PostSubject: Psychics....sceptical or believer?   Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:00 pm

I recently attended a psychic show and being non sceptical was really looking forward to it and very open-minded. However, I felt that the so called psychic although he had a few "hits" he had a lot of "misses"

Looking for hits he quite often changed or modified his information to fit what the person was saying to make sense of it ie. two sons and a daughter turned out to be one niece and two nephews...things like that.

After the show the psychic did ten minute private readings for ten pounds. During my reading he get filling the gaps of nothing to say with phrases such as "you're a strong person" "nothing phases you". This is totally wrong, he also said my mother's mother was there and she says "tell Debbie I love her". None of my family ever called me Debbie.

I came away from the night thinking that he was a fake and quite concerned and annoyed that these so called psychics can take advantage of vulnerable people who are desperately looking for some comfort in their grief. Most people who attend these psychic evenings have lost someone very dear to them. I was quite shocked at how many people had lost someone to suicide, illness or some form of tragedy.

I'm totally disillusioned and don't think I'd waste my money again by going to one of these shows
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PostSubject: Re: Psychics....sceptical or believer?   Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:48 pm

I think a true psychic is one who does not charge for a reading (for many a psychic it is a curse).

I will never trust or pay for a psychic.

They reading that they give are only what is possible.

And not concrete.

I rather go and be in a circle of psychic and medium and fellow citizens in a group setting for general readings (at one of the medium's home)

One of the biggest jokes in the medium world is none other than John Edwards.

He is a fake and a phony.

And yet people pay lots of money for private reading.

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Psychics....sceptical or believer?
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