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 Nightwish Big Ego - They Got Rid Of Anette Olzon

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PostSubject: Nightwish Big Ego - They Got Rid Of Anette Olzon   Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:48 pm

Yeah, Anette Olzon quit the band only to be replaced by backup singer and Tarja Turunen look-a-like Floor Jansen.

With Nightwish of so super ego (they think they are the best damn metal band in the world), they probably wanted gone as she showed any resistance.

She was smart to quit the band rather than being fired like Tarja.

From youtube video, Floor Jansen is a very good fit for Nightwish.

I like her.

Her performance is very strong.

But Floor Jansen should quit rather than be fired if it gets too much.

Anette Olzon Blogspot

Tarja Turunen Won’t Return To Nightwish

Nightwish had planned Olzon departure

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Nightwish Big Ego - They Got Rid Of Anette Olzon
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