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 'Emo' changed to 'Scene'???

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PostSubject: 'Emo' changed to 'Scene'???   Thu May 24, 2012 5:07 pm

What is that? Apparently emo's are being forced to change from being referred to as 'Emo' to being referred to as 'Scene', due to too many people screwing with them and their preferences, telling them to, "go cut themselves" or, "go hate yourself and the world somewhere else"...or even physically abusing them. (Though many people are already being beaten up due to their 'differences')

Now, this may have been going on for a while, I don't know. I just heard about it, being from a tiny community. But, why is it that someone should have to change the name of who they are? These people with their steryotypical nonsense need to back off. I mean, the whole 'cut-self' business they are pulling with the emos is the same as the whole 'satanist' idiocy they direct to the goths. I can't stand it much longer... Evil or Very Mad

Now I can't help but wonder; will goths end up changing what they call themselves in the future, just to escape a portion of the pain brought upon by the rest of our jeering society? pale
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PostSubject: Re: 'Emo' changed to 'Scene'???   Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:30 am

First of all I have never heard of the "Scene" until now. Interesting indeed. Old Mature Goth like myself always like to know new things.

"Scene" as in a personality types and youth style? Wiki How ?. EMO is more of a personality type and youth style as well.

Strange as it seems the happy and bright "Scene" fashion does not lend itself to the Metalcore / Deathcore music (but to each its own). How To Be A Scene Girl

Who knows for sure if "EMO" will merge competely in the "Scene" . Time will tell if that happens. Most style and fashions reappear again. And so will EMO style if it disappear over night.

And the human mind is always evolve over the course of time. Being a teenager is no different.

For exampe one can go from "EMO" to "Scene" then back to "EMO" than go to "Rave" then go to "Industrial" then back to "Rave" then to "Metal" and so on. Whatever is more popular in the mind of some folks.

One's life could be considered as a chronology of changes and thoughts thru the course of one person's lifetime.

Truth be told if its better to be yourself than be told by others what you should be.

Thee old peer pressure raises its ugly head developed by true posers of any subculture or scene.

".......I am mentally divergent in that I am escaping
certain unnamed realities that plague my life here"
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'Emo' changed to 'Scene'???
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