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 Welcome Dark Souls

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PostSubject: Welcome Dark Souls   Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:07 pm

Hello, and welcome to new location of The Darker Playground.

The original forum was founded by Mesusah five years ago.

For personal and health reasons she can not be right here now with us.

I, Osiris and many of the original members will continue keep Mesusah vision and spirit alive at this location.

Who are we ?

We are a friendly community of people from all around the world, with an appreciation for the darker side of life.

We welcome you to join us and partake of the chat, discussion, and wonderful humor you will find within.
All we ask from you is that you be as kind to the other members as they are to you.

So please, take a moment to read our simple rules, sign yourself up, and introduce yourself

---The Darker Playground Staff


This is a forum not a dating service.
This forum was created for those who want to find new friends, not lovers. A little innocent flirting in a playful way is accepted, but we want everybody to feel comfortable around here, so don't overdo it.

While innocent flirtation, making jokes and have fun is perfectly acceptable, it's best to portray yourself as
an intelligent and thoughtful person. Don't make any rude jokes about other members or jokes that can be taken the wrong way or found offensive.

Do not personally attack users. There is no excuse or reason to attack (mature debate/disagreement is not categorize as attacking) another user's race, heritage, sexual preference, religion, gender, physical characteristics, or anything else. Please respect every individual here. Failure to do so will result in an immediate suspension.

No explicit or overly suggestive comments about photos that are likely to offend anyone.
No pictures that could come across as offensive are allowed.
(This includes nudity, violence, pain, death, etc. You get the idea...)

This is a forum and not a "Live Journal". If you have any long personal stories to tell everyone of all the ins and outs of your life at the present time then please, place them in your Live Journal instead of here.

Promotion for your site goes in 'Promotion'. Read the rules for that forum in 'Read' (the first topic in 'Promotion') before you make a thread there.

No excessive chatting in threads. We have a thread for that. Please try stay on topic. If you wish to talk to a specific person, use the 'Private Message' feature.

No links to sites that contains nudity, hate/violence, discrimination, etc.

Do not pressure users for personal information such as real name, age, location and email/instant messenger contacts. Anonymity is an important aspect of the internet, please respect this.

Anything else. If an admin tells you not do something, please stop doing it. Don't argue that
it's 'not in the rules'. Please understand that we have the best interests of the forum in mind, and are not discriminating against you.


If any of the Admins think a post is unfit for the forums it will be removed. If you find your post is gone, or your post count went down, that is what happened. Please do not take it personally, we just want to keep this a positive board to be a part of. Some topics are not suitable for this forum.

Repeated and/or serious violations of our guidelines, attacks (whether by posting or e-mail) on staff or anyone who posts here, or community disruption of any sort may result in the suspension of posting privileges at this site.

Problems, questions... ---> - Osiris
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Welcome Dark Souls
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